Clinton Industries is a collection of individual people with different personalities, interests, motivations and desires, yet each share a common mission. During a company-wide meeting, we asked our employees the purpose of Clinton Industries, Inc. There were a multitude of responses; however, the common denominator in all responses was the desire to provide an exceptional customer experience to you, our customer.

From warehouse personnel, to support staff, to sales, to engineering, to executive leadership, we all shared the same overriding goal, outstanding service. We just happen to be in the business of manufacturing and distributing Hydraulic S.A.E. Flanges, Machined Parts and Hydraulic Components.

Regardless of what our core business entails, we realize it all boils down to serving the customer. Without you, it does not matter what we are selling. Being authentic in our communication, proactive in all respects, accommodating to customer requests while providing the highest quality flanges and components IS Clinton Industries, Inc.

If you are a current customer, we are grateful! If you are a prospective customer, we look forward to the opportunity of serving you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When ordering, how do I know which number specifies the flange pad size and which number specifies the connection/port size?

A. The first set of numbers after the model number represents the flange pad size and the last set of numbers represents the connection/port size.

Q. If I want mounting hardware with the flange, how do I specify when ordering?

A. To include the mounting hardware, please add a "K" to the end of the part number.

Q. Are the carbon steel flanges in the catalog also available in stainless steel?

A. Most carbon steel flanges are available in our standard grade stainless which is 316L, but other grades are available upon request. If you would like the item in stainless steel, change the first number in the part number to "7" for 316L or "6" for 304L. For example, 13016-16-16 is a carbon steel 4-bolt socket weld flange. For the same flange in stainless steel, the part number would be 73016-16-16.

Q. What is the standard O-ring material when ordering mounting hardware?

A. Mounting kits for carbon steel flanges include 90 durometer Buna-N O-rings. Mounting kits for stainless steel flanges include 90 durometer, Viton O-rings.

Q. Does your split flange part number include one half or both halves?

A. Our split flange part number includes both halves.

Q. Do you require a minimum order amount?

A. Yes, our minimum order amount is $45.00. However, we will waive the minimum for air shipments.

Return Policy

* Returns must be authorized by obtaining a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number.

* Unauthorized returns will be returned to the customer, freight collect.

* Returns will not be accepted for special orders, or 120 days after delivery.

* Returned parts must be free of scratches, rust and nicks or credit will not be issued.

* All returns must be returned within 25 days of issuance of RGA.

* All parts must be properly packed to avoid damage during transit. Credit will not be given for damaged parts.


* Net 30 days on approved credit. F.O.B. (shipping point). A 1.5% finance charge will be assessed on all past due accounts.

* Title and possession will pass to the customer upon delivery to the carrier.

* Claims for damage in transit should be made by the customer to the carrier.

* Claims for shortages, or other shipping errors, must be made within four days of receipt.